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  • Communicating more effectively?
  • Becoming a more confident public speaker?
  • Running a business meeting effectively and efficiently?
  • Learning how to construct a great speech?
  • Being able to inspire and command an audience?
  • Becoming a better leader?

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping individuals develop these crucial leadership and public speaking skills through support, mentoring, and peer activities. This organization includes members who are business leaders, professionals, and individuals who all come together to provide encouragement to one another.

Since earning the Toastmasters title of World Champion of Public Speaking in 2005, Lance Miller has been on the road speaking at a wide variety of District and Regional events and holding seminars about public speaking. He is passionate about Toastmasters and the valuable skills that these programs provide to individuals in their professional and personal lives.

Toastmaster Seminars by Lance Miller

"Thank you for contacting me regarding speaking at your conference. Since winning the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2005, I have made it my mission to help Toastmasters Win with Toastmasters. Each of these presentations is specifically designed to enhance the understanding and ability of the audience members to use Toastmasters to enhance their life.

  1. Please pay attention to the time listed for each presentation. I have packed as much information into these presentations as I can. While these times can be adjusted, the presentations do not contain wasted minutes of “fluff.” They are packed with valuable workable information. Cutting time means cutting content. Cutting content means the audience is not getting all the information they could. Actually, I can always use more time if possible!
  2. In scheduling, I request that you allow at least a 15 minute break immediately following my presentation for audience members to visit my product table. I have a Championship Club Series of products to help Toastmasters develop strong successful clubs as well as use Toastmasters to develop their speaking skills. What allows me to be on the road and attend conferences like this is the sale of my products.
  3. In the event that I do attend your conference, it is sometimes customary to present the speaker with a plaque or a trophy. While this gesture is greatly appreciated, after 10 years of speaking, I no longer have display space available for any more plaques or trophies.

"Should your District desire to give a token of appreciation, I am requesting no plaques or trophies! What is appreciated are items that I can use like gift/gas cards, Starbucks or Trader Joes cards or items or products unique to your region or area. A donation my favorite charity, The Way to Happiness Foundation, 201 East Broadway Glendale CA 91205 - (818) 254-0600, is also appreciated.

"Thank you for the above considerations.

"Please contact me with any questions regarding the following presentations or to determine which ones would be best for your conference." - Lance Miller

These are the seminars that Lance has been doing for District TELIs and Conferences. Through these seminars, Lance hopes to inspire and empower others in their journey towards confidence, leadership, and success.

These seminars include simple and applicable tips that anyone can use in their everyday life:

Building A Championship Club – Lance was instrumental in building his home club, Renaissance Speakers to 95 members and the #4 Club in Toastmasters International. Lance credits this dynamic club environment as one of the critical factors in his winning the World Championship of Public Speaking in 2005. He will share real life hands on actions to create a successful dynamic club culture, how to build membership, how handle difficult people and get the show on the road! Lance delivered this seminar at the 2006 Toastmasters International Convention.
Requirements – Power Point Projector, lapel mic – 1 Hour

Leadership for a Championship Club – In this seminar, Lance explains how to manage a Toastmasters Club. This includes what each officer position does and how the executive committee works as a team with each officer contributing critical actions to the club success. Lance reviews the meeting roles in the meeting and explains how each role contributes to the member’s development as a speaker and a leader. Lastly, Lance reviews practical and proven membership building actions. Lance delivered this seminar at the 2014 Toastmasters International Convention.
Requirements – Power Point Projector, lapel mic – 1 Hour

How to Promote & Market a Toastmasters Club – In this seminar, Lance explains the reasons why many Toastmasters Clubs struggle to attract new members and maintain a membership level well above the 20 member minimum. He lays out 6 proven, fun and easy promotional actions that will allow any club to have a continuous flow of guests and new members, improving more individual lives through the Toastmasters program.
Requirements – Power Point Projector, lapel mic – 1 Hour

Effective Speech Evaluation – Since strong clubs are built on excellent speech evaluation, I put together a 1 hour seminar on the subject which includes evaluation guidelines, a n evaluation worksheet and presentation outline. I am a 3x Speech Evaluation Contest winner in District 52. This too has been popular and addresses an area many clubs need to develop to keep their members advancing and improving.
Requirements – White Board, Power Point Projector, Lapel mic – 1 hour

Finding Your Voice – This seminar addresses the practical steps to finding speaking messages within you, that are connected to you and that you believe in. You will learn practical steps that anyone use to discover inspiration and motivational messages hidden within all of us! In this seminar Lance will work together with the audience to write a speech and then he will deliver it to show how easily speeches can be created! Lance delivered this seminar at the 2010 Toastmasters International Convention.
Requirements – Power Point Projector with Audio, lapel mic – 1 Hour

Mastering Your Speech – In this seminar I take the audience through the steps to of topic selection, structure and writing, humor, speech development, drilling and practicing a speech to either create a contest winning speech or a winning speech for use in the real world.
Requirements – Power Point Projector with Audio, lapel mic – 1 Hour

All of these seminars are full of simple applicable tips and information that anyone can apply. I am more than happy to help with any of your District TLI's, Spring or Fall Conferences or special events.

If you are interested in any of these events or would like to talk about your public speaking goals, don’t hesitate to contact Lance Miller.

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