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It is my sincere desire that you become the best speaker you can possibly be. It is my pleasure to help you do so. Since becoming Toastmasters International 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, I have been doing my best to share with you the knowledge I have acquired that made this win possible.

Hands-On Leadership

A successful leader has two primary objectives:
    #1. Knowing where you are going.
    #2. Arriving at your destination.

Lance Miller works with people from around the world to achieve their personal and business goals through his unique approach of Hands-On Leadership. Hands-On Leadership is comprised of 3 dynamic components; Communication, Organization and Ethics.

Lance possesses a unique gift of simplifying life's challenges into bite size solutions that are easy to use and apply by anyone. He has delivered over 2,500 speeches in over 28 countries from Saudi Arabia to China to Ireland on the fundamentals of public speaking, leadership, effective management, sales and overcoming failure and adversity. His real life experience brings fun, lively and entertaining presentations to the podium. Lessons of leadership, integrity, responsibility and honesty are the Hallmark of his messages.

VIDEO: What People Are Saying about Lance Miller
VIDEO: What People Are Saying about Lance Miller
VIDEO: What People Are Saying about Lance Miller


Inspirational Speech Seminar

Hear some of the successes from Lance Miller's recent inspirational speech seminars by watching the video in this block. Lance will be presenting this seminar again so watch for the upcoming announcements on date and locations!



Recently, I received a kudo from someone who has heard me speak for years and been to every one of my seminars. It is truly gratifying as it expresses exactly what I intend and enjoy doing. Here's what he had to say:

"Lance is giving real information that helps people live their life, not 'fluff', not 'rah! rah!'"

Why show swans swimming on the lake?

Linda Malloy, D71

In May 2006, I had the pleasure of delivering several seminars at the Toastmasters District 71 Conference held at the Bloomfield House hotel in Mullingar, Ireland. Nestling on Lough Ennell shores, the area is home to several thousand swans, two of whom you see swimming at the left. The conference itself was dubbed: The Lìr Conference after an ancient Irish legend in which one of a King's wicked wives turned the children from his earlier marriage into swans for nine-hundred years.

My able host was District 71 Governor Linda Malloy who stuffed all of our luggage and my cameraman into an incredibly small car and lugged us from Dublin to Mullingar then on to Cork.

This was my first trip to Ireland, but it won't be the last. The famed Irish hospitality is no myth and I was pleased to meet and greet so many warm-hearted toastmasters from the Emerald Isle and their UK neighbors.