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The greatest wasted natural resource in the world

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  • Business

    Lance Miller has held sales and management positions with the 1984 L.A. Olympic Organizing Committee, Nestle, Anheuser Bush, and Katz Media Group. He has built and managed sales and marketing programs in the industries of law, construction, international finance, alternative health, and the internet. As a proven corporate speaker, Lance Miller can guide audiences through the fundamentals of business communication, world-class customer service, successful team building, and more.

  • Adventure

    Lance has sailed from the Virgin Islands to Norway, flown a plane from Michigan to Key West, and crossed Europe as a hitchhiker. He has gone scuba diving under frozen lakes and reached 14,000-foot peaks. Lance speaks from the perspective of having lived life. He has gleaned life lessons and spread ideals of trust and responsibility around the world, even speaking at hundreds of civic forums about fundamental human rights. He helps people to hone life skills and write their own philosophy.

  • Public Speaking

    Lance has given more than 300 public addresses at official gatherings and civic forums, and he has delivered thousands of speeches in dozens of different countries. He has even held the title of World Champion of Public Speaking. He is Toastmasters Instructor and a member of Toastmasters International as a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest member recognition possible. He has helped his home Toastmasters Club (Renaissance Speakers) to be recognized as the #4 Toastmasters Club in the world.

Meet Lance

An award-winning speaker and leadership and communication coach, Lance has spoken as a guest on over 150 television and talk radio shows and delivered over 5,000 presentations in more than 55 countries. Lance brings a unique mix of talent and life experience to the podium. An avid traveler and adventurer, he has sailed transatlantic, cycled from St. Petersburg Russia to Olso, Norway, rafted whitewater rivers across the US and piloted his own aircraft hundreds of hours. He is an advocate of, and has worked on behalf of many, local & international humanitarian causes. Lessons of leadership, integrity, responsibility, and honesty are the hallmarks of his messages. Among his many accomplishments, in 2005, he emerged from a field of 30,000 contestants spanning 120 countries to earn the title of Toastmaster’s World Champion of Public Speaking.

Hear Lance Miller Speak!

“I have only one rule of public speaking: DID YOUR SPEECH COMMUNICATE?

a successful leader has
two primary objectives:

  • knowing Where
    you are going

  • Arriving at
    your destination


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